Report on the promotion of corporate social responsibility Mega & Loman, Ltd.


The Company Mega & Loman is aware of its social responsibility, and therefore try to strongly support initiatives and projects in the field of social responsibility not only at national, but also transnational level.

Mega & Loman, for example, supported these initiatives and projects for the individual areas of corporate social responsibility:

A. Promotion and development of the business environment, human rights, fighting corruption, legal standards, environmental protection

  1. Eastern partnership – Support for projects in the field of integration of new countries into the European Union (support the implementation of Association Agreements with the EU, including the harmonization of legislation, the fight against corruption, introducing new legislation and legislative standards in line with EU standards, promoting the business environment, environmental protection, regional and rural development, energy security, protection of human rights).

  2. Welcome to Europe – Promoting a long-term project for the promotion of Slovakia's accession to the European Union, the building of business environment. A project under the auspices of the Prime Minister and Business Alliance of Slovakia and the European Commission responded to many questions in the development of the business environment, human rights, etc. Within each module 42 top managers, public officials and diplomats were presented.

  3. OSADNÉ – project to support education in the field of human and political rights through documentary. The film is about the meeting of top European leaders and the local politicians from the last village on the border of the European Union. The film won the top award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

B. Consumer protection and education

  1. Quality from our regions – is a social responsibility project based on consumer education through media campaigns and consumer contests. Explains the impact of the preference of Slovak products against foreign ones, whether in grocery shopping, industrial goods or services on our economy. It also shows how such a change in consumer behaviour is reflected in the improvement of quality of life in Slovakia.

C. Protection and promotion of children and adolescents

  1. The age matters – aims to prevent the availability of tobacco products and products intended for smoking that do not contain tobacco for minors.

  2. Smile as a gift – focuses on supporting children in orphanages, to work with at-risk families, education and escorting of foster families and help young adults after leaving the orphanage.

  3. Brick – Aid for Africa. The aim of the Brick is to annually raise funds to support selected development projects, to inform and educate about life in poorer countries and regions of the world, to shape and lead to solidarity and co-responsibility for the world in which we live.

  4. PGSI – PGS is the abbreviation of the Italian acronym: “Polisportive Giovanili Salesiane International”, which means International Salesian Sport Games.

  5. Happy teeth – is a social project of the company dm drogerie markt, which is very popular among children and their parents.

  6. Children's Hour – Children's Hour is a public year-round fund-raising organized by the Foundation for the Children of Slovakia since 1999 and one of the forms of support useful and unique projects aimed at personal development and creativity of children, as well as their individual potential, depending on their health status, talent or disability, improvement of school environment, building of communities and a safe environment for children, but also on intervention projects aimed at addressing problematic circumstances of children.

  7. Children's University – The mission of the Children's Comenius University is to provide the possibility of deeper education and expanding knowledge horizon of school age children, especially children aged between 9 and 14 years. Children's Comenius University wants to promote in children critical thinking, the ability to perceive the world in context, to initiate their interest in higher education and create space for experimentation, discussion and exchange of views. The main objective is to prepare a new generation of civic elites, which extends their education on the basis of internal interest and self-motivation. Strong elite of individuals, which is a step forward, is crucial for the formation of an educated civil society, competitive in the European context.

  8. 1 day of smile – help children who lack the most important - safety of their own family. The funds raised will be used to care for endangered families, children in foster care and the families that have decided to adopt these children.

  9. UNICEF – UNICEF's mission is to contribute to the fact that the most vulnerable children anywhere in the world could be able to survive, be healthy, have secured nutrition, access to drinking water, primary education, protection from violence, and also the opportunity to fulfil their potential in their lives.

D. Promotion and protection of human and minority rights, education in the field of human and minority rights

  1. Čemerica I, II, – The project aims to raise citizens' awareness of Ruthenian nationality of their rights and contribute to the promotion of the Ruthenian language as a minority language. Through research, educational, cultural and media activities, the project is aimed to raise awareness of majority population of the Ruthenians, their present status, language, culture and traditions and contribute to improving inter-ethnic dialogue in Slovakia.

  2. All my children – The project aims to help the marginalized Roma community. The film delivers the message to think about the actual content of the right to life and the hierarchy of values ​​in today's world.

  3. Ruthenian Festival – Promotion of minority rights. It wants to be the event that fills a long-standing desire and effort of Ruthenians in Slovakia to present themselves nationwide, enriching its visitors not only about the customs, culture and language of the Ruthenians. Therefore the main message is tolerance and mutual respect.

  4. The culture of minorities in a digital word – Promotion of minority rights. The project aims to create a multicultural platform done via the Internet, to support presentations and media coverage of minority culture of Ruthenians and Ukrainians to the majority population. It aims in part to supplement inadequate public media broadcasting space for minorities and about minorities.

E. Social responsibility in the field of environmental protection, energy security and consumption

  1. People and water – support of activities of civil society in the field of environmental protection. A special place in the activities of the civil association takes the field of ecological and economical management of water resources. Sustainable development of communities and regions - Environment - Landscape restoration - Flood prevention, Erosion control measures and prevention of drought - Implementation of pilot alternative environmental technologies - Strengthening civil democracy in rural areas - Volunteering and work with volunteers - Training, conferences, workshops, trainings.

  2. CEEC – support of the largest Central European Conference on Energy, energy security and environmental impact. The conference aims to assess the progress in the development of the energy corridor and regional energy market in Central Europe. Furthermore, the conference aims to valorise the implementation of infrastructure projects, harmonize national regulatory policy and market development in energy commodities.

  3. Nature Park – provide for the collection, recovery and recycling of all kinds of packaging waste in accordance with the principle of extended producer responsibility

F. Promoting interdisciplinary education of managers, increasing the competitiveness of Slovak companies

  1. Bite IT – The largest IT event in Slovakia, the only event of similar interests and proportions in Slovakia. NextGen EXPO - Notebook EXPO - TechDays. Two days full of Slovak premieres of the latest ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones, mobile devices, consumer electronics, game consoles and other IT products. Interesting lectures, renowned speakers from abroad, competition for valuable prizes, accompanying program throughout the day on two stages, and especially a lot of fun and non-traditional experiences.

  2. Develop IT – Support education for graduates in IT. The content of the conference is expert lectures, discussions and workshops on current topics and trends in IT. Every year delegates are led by excellent team leaders and by motivational words of known entrepreneurs.

  3. IT Gala – the largest meeting of the IT community in Slovakia. Partner of the event.

  4. Visit of Philip Kotler in Slovakia – Partner of the event. Exchange of experience in the field of senior marketing and management. The event was attended by the absolute best Slovak entrepreneurs and top managers.

  5. Visit of Jack Welsh in Slovakia – Partner of the event. Exchange of experience in the field of top management. The event was attended by the absolute best Slovak entrepreneurs and top managers.

  6. Visit of Philip Kotler in the Czech Republic – Partner of the event. Exchange of experience in the field of senior marketing and management. The event was attended by the absolute best Slovak entrepreneurs and top managers.

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